ICT Skills

These courses delve into the foundational competencies and knowledge related to Information and Communication Technology. Participants will familiarize themselves with various digital tools, software applications, and communication platforms, enabling them to navigate today's technologically-driven world with confidence.

Simple Digital Tools for Businesspeople and Start-ups

GrantXpert Consulting (GX)

The webinar 'Simple Digital Tools for Businesspeople and Start-ups' is designed for entrepreneurs and startup founders to leverage affordable and user-friendly digital tools. Participants will gain practical insights as the webinar demonstrates user-friendly digital tools with real-world examples, showcasing their application in various business ventures. The objective is to illuminate how entrepreneurs can achieve business success through the strategic use of digital tools without requiring a significant financial investment or specialized coding skills.

  • TypeSynchronous
  • Place Online
  • Language English
  • Starting Date28.11.2023